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With a marketing degree I’m a big fan of surveys and send them out before, during, and after working with clients. Here is some of the kind feedback (thankfully I have yet to receive any unkind words):

“Emily has been really great with helping me maximize my social media efforts. She is highly organized and continually comes up with great ideas that I hadn’t thought of before, and she keeps me on task, which is something that I need.” – Adam J.

Top Three Strengths: Positivity – Disciplined – Organized

Would you recommend Emily’s service to others: Already have!

Emily is fun to work with!

Social Media Shout Outs:


While Entertainment Business Management and Marketing is my main business, I also love working as 2nd Assistant Director, and enjoy doing Crafty and managing Catering with many of my fabulous clients and friends. Here’s what they have to say:

You rock and crafty was perfect. 5 gold stars!!!!! – A. Todd

Loved the special attention you gave people. Loved seeing you pass out stuff to the crew before they had to ask for it.

EXTREMELY Helpful, Kind, Quick, the list goes on…

You were kind. You cared.

Attentiveness to crew needs.

Everything was prepared and ready to go.

Emily and her assistant were very attentive and pleasant to be around!

Liked the initial survey, friendly service on site, snacks being offered on set.

You’d be even cooler with a crafty truck. JK. you were great. Thanks Emily! – Bryan F.

You’re greaaaaattttt!

Emily FTW (for the win)!

Thank you! We loved working with you!

Emily, you were great! Thankful for your energy and your excitement on set.


The inquiry on what could go better (because there’s always room for improvement), elicited this response:

Uhhhh be a little less awesome? JK, don’t do that.

I have zero complaints 🙂

Nothing. (<– got that one multiple times)

Our budget! aka you did great with the small budget that you had!

Can’t think of anything

I’m not sure a human is allowed to be as awesome as you, so no notes here. – A. Todd


When asked if they would desire to work with me on set again:

24 = Yes

1 = Maybe