Mclean Entertainment

Entertainment Business Management


Specializing in Entertainment Business Management, Social Media Strategy, and Marketing with Actors, Producers, Filmmakers, and Entertainers.

Second Assistant Director

Emily McLean – Entertainment Business Manager

Emily is passionate about helping entertainment professionals further their careers through business management, branding and marketing. Primed by her experience of twelve years (and counting) as a Realtor, two years as a high level network marketing Producer and a Marketing Management degree. She has spent the past few years dedicated to helping entertainers manage marketing, merchandise, funding, booking, travel, promotions and events. Praised as knowing “everyone”, caring deeply, working hard, and going the extra mile, Emily is an asset you want on your team.


  • Business Management
  • Social Media Strategy & Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Logistics
  • Contracts
  • Negotiation
  • Networking
  • Organization
  • Booking
  • Events
  • Calendar/Scheduling
  • Merchandise Management

Skilled as a Second Assistant Director.

Previously: Music columnist for Utah Stories and The List Magazine.

Personal tidbits: Loves orange (a lot), husband Richard is an artist that wears a kilt on the daily (check him out at &, mother to three darling (and nutty) girls, self-taught accordionist, eternal optimist and closet comedian.